Washington St. Bistro ~ 23 Washington Street, Morristown NJ ~ (973) 267-7425

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A local BYOB Bistro with Inspired Colonial Fare

Check out what people are saying about the Washington St. Bistro, the newest BYOB in Morristown, NJ:

“My husband and I recently returned for another superb dinner out. We are mystified that there are so many empty tables. The menu is creative and up to date but not overwrought. Everything is as fresh as possible and the flavors are perfectly balanced.

The summer gazpacho is excellent and somehow the individual vegetables shine through. The second visit I had the cold white bean soup, which was fragrant with rosemary. I would have preferred a thinner soup but the flavor couldn’t be improved. Both of our fish dishes were perfectly cooked and seasoned — meaning NOT over salted, as nearly all restaurant food seems to be, no matter the price.
Don’t miss this new gem of Mo’town!” — Jane B., Yelp Review

American food doesn’t capture how singular the food, concept, and comfortable ambiance are at WSB. Chef Ray describes the food as Colonial — a term that has a hazy meaning for most diners. Let me assure you, there is nothing hazy about the distinctive flavors one can enjoy from this menu. I had a velvety tomato soup with rich aromas of fennel and garlic. My main course was a succulent, thick lamb chop resting on a bed of savory white beans and tomato. The day was crisp so the richness of tastes were stimulating and comforting.

I chose Bourbon-poached apple for dessert. Every swoonful made me pause and appreciate its many delightful flavors. Needless to say, my cup of coffee stood up to the rest of my delicious meal.” — Elizabeth A., Yelp Review